Who's the King of Slots: NetEnt vs Yggdrail

With the rise of online slots, there has been worthy contenders for the crown inclusive of veteran NetEnt with over 20 years in the industry at topnetent-casinos.biz . However, the open nature of the onlien slots industry has paved way for new entrant Yggdrasil.

History of Online Slots

NetEnt has a rich and long history when it comes to their journey with online slots. NetEnt first launched its casino software in 1996. Throughout their years of experience, the firm has launched a series of innovative casino games available at halcyon-reservations.com for players.

  • NetEnt launched first online slot in 1999
  • Acquired Red Tiger Gaming

After the success of NetEnt with online slots., the market started getting saturated with new software developers. A new entrant after the siccess phase of online slots is Yggdrasil. The gaming software first launched their gaming software in 2013 while offering free gaming solutions to players.


Configuration of Reels

The reel makes up the grid of the slot for which the characters appear. Yggdrasil takes most from the NetEnt slots when it comes to the reel configuration. Most of the available casino games from both the casino software feature the five reels for most of the games.

Players will met a play table design that suits the theme of the game, while in other games in comes in form of characters. Due to the immense experience of NetEnt in the industry, it still offers the traditional casino games that feature the three reel system.

Talk of Presentation

Presentation is an important aspect when it comes to marketing a casino game by a gaming software developer. You must cut with the market niche to attract many players to the game. This is a concept that both NetEnt and Yggdrasil have managed to put in the efforts.

  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild symbols

NetEnt offers innovative gaming solutions that features the 3D gaming effects for unequaled gaming experience. There are stunning graphics and visuals that present the games. As of Yggdrasil, there also pulling up their efforts of a unique gaming experience especially through the slot game Vikings Go to Hell.

Wagering Limits Available

As a player, your wagering limits reflect much on your bankroll and the rate of your winning potential. The stakes have a high influence when it comes to the payouts and the winning combinations. At NetEnt, you gain access to high wagering limits.

There are casino slots that have a wagering limit of up to 400 euros. The stakes are determined by the either the bet level or coin value. Yggdrasil are still offering the normal wagering limits that range between 100 to 125 euros for the casino games.

Available Bonus Features

Bonus features are a common feature for online casinos with the main aim of attracting new players to their slots. At NetEnt, players are legible to a long line of bonus features when signing up to their site. The bonus features include the game play at the casino.

  • Free spins
  • Matched deposit

A common feature of bonus features which are available at both NetEnt and Yggdrasil includes the use wild symbols, scatters, multipliers and free spins offered to new players to the site. Each of the bonus features comes with a twist with the style and theme of the game.