Netent vs Playtech - Everything you need to know about choosing the right gaming platform

When it comes to online games and online casinos, there are two names that stand out - Netent and Playtech. Both topnetent-casinos games and Playtech games are amazing in terms of their graphical intensity and creation. These brands both have almost equal years of experience in the online gaming industry too. If you are an online gamer or want to check out this entertainment industry, you must be confused between these two leading gaming providers. This article will help you choose the right gaming platform.

A brief history of Netent and Playtech

Netent was established about 20 years ago and is a digital entertainment company. The brand has created more than 200 games to date and also provides digital services like hosting and technical support to many online casinos and gaming websites like . At any given point in time, Netent has about 200 active customers on its website and in the year 2019, the brand registered gaming transactions of 58.3 billion. This brand has offices all over the world with more than 1000 working employees.

Playtech is the world's largest producer of online gaming software. This brand was established in the country called Estonia in Europe in the year 1999. The brand has about 140 global licenses to run online casinos in different countries and have running offices in about 19 countries. More than 5900 employees work full-time creating games or offering services to players and other casinos. Playtech offers cross-platform solutions and games and lets players play through different smart gadgets from the comforts of their homes.

The strengths of Netent vs the strengths of Playtech

Both Netent and Playtech are market leaders in their own domains and offer you both traditional and unique games in different kinds of categories. When it comes to live games, Playtech is definitely better. The live games are streamed with professional shooting and streaming setups. The number of games offered by Playtech is almost twice that Netent owns. You will also love the exclusive superhero and movie-themed games that Playtech has come up with, thanks to its exclusive partnership deals with media companies.

  • Playtech offers multi-game jackpots
  • Netent offer richer games and great gaming experience
  • Netent is a more flexible platform for gaming
  • Netent gives you more free trials

If you want to enjoy playing high stake jackpots and multi-game jackpots, Playtech has more gaming options. However, if the quality of games and the user-experience matters a lot, choose Netent. This provides really unique gaming choices like Virtual Reality games that Playtech does not have. Most players love free games and demo trials. If you prefer playing for free before deciding to deposit money, then Netent definitely should be your gaming partner. Almost all games from this brand have free-trial choices for players.


How to choose the right gaming platform for you?

Choosing the right gaming platform depends on all of these above strengths of these brands. As a gamer, you will need to decide which factor matters more to you. Based on the size of the brand, the number of game offerings, and the revenues generated, Playtech certainly is a leader. However, Netent is not far behind. The brand recently acquired another gaming software provider and has been working really hard in improving the quality of games produced. Try both platforms and then make your choice.