Netent Jack and the Beanstalk Explained has a young boy sets out on a journey to discover wealth beyond measure through an exciting magical journey across a magical forest. A whole new world unfolds right before his eyes as he overcomes hurdles along the way and triumphs over countless limiting factors. The exciting slot provides excellent features with top-on-the line audio.

Initial Steps into the Game

The game begins with simple five-reel windows with 20 bet lines. As Jack gets further into the jungle and unearths giants, you get introduced to huge features. These features include Re-Spins, Walking Wilds, Win Presentations, Re-Spins, and exciting bonus Treasure Collections. And if you doubt the goodness of this game, then these reasons should change your mind:

  • You get to feel like the real world in your adventure
  • You get to enjoy the best adventure game

You should not get distracted by the fantastic features in the game. Keep your focus on Jack as he works his way up the beanstalk. Collect all the right keys as you make discoveries along the way. These keys will help you to discover new types of Wilds and get great rewards of Free Spin bonus games.

What About Graphics and Sound?

Arguably, Jack and the Beanstalk slot has the best sound and graphics in the industry. Everything about this game has been tailored to give you the best experience. The video features a landscape resembling a farm. A hut has been erected on the left side of the landscape and a tree planted on the right.

Both the sound and graphic systems of the game are fascinating. The developers carefully selected the sound of chirping birds to make the experience as believable as it can get. Both birds and crickets chirp, as Jack scales the beanstalk. These sounds make you think that you are in a real forest.

What are the Rules?

Jack and the Beanstalk have simple rules of engagement. First, you need to know that €0.2 is the minimum allowable bet in this game, while €100 is the maximum bet that you can place. This information should make it easy for you to stake wisely in every bet. The game has ten different symbols.

  • Five of these symbols are high paying
  • Jack is the highest paying symbol

Jack pays up to 1000 coins when you make a five symbol combination in any position within the reel. The game has a return to player percentage (RTP) of 96.28%. When the RTP is combined with high volatility, a player is assured of not only getting a great experience but also enjoying great returns for their money.

How is the Gameplay?

The gameplay for this slot is straightforward. You need to tune your bet size before you begin spinning the reels. To set your bets, you need to use options located at the bottom of the game. Set the level of betting on the bottom left while the coin value from the bottom right.

These two parameters affect your final bet size. However, if you are a high roller, you can set the game at maximum bet using the max bet option. After setting the game accordingly, you need to begin the game using the big spin buttons. Why is knowing the gameplay vital to you as a player?

  • It allows you to make the right moves.
  • It allows you to calculate your risk-reward ratio for every bet.


Wild Symbol the Best Option Yet

The Wild symbol provides a unique opportunity for you to triple all the coins won. Once the coins won are tripled, they are added to the general coins present after the Free Spin Round. Additionally, The Wild substitutes for every symbol might appear on the Free Spin Round or main game, except the Scatter symbol.

The game also offers goodies to all lovers of treasures through their treasure collection option. The treasure collection feature can only be unlocked using a key symbol, which can only be located on reel 5. After unlocking the treasure collection, you can collect a variety of wild symbols. In short, this game is a load of wholesome awesomeness.